Steps & Info

Private Label Steps


Steps to private label:

A)       Idea
B)      Brand Registration
C)      Regulatory Compliance
D)      Complete Product Design
E)      Production Management
F)      Transportation and Logistics

Private Labeling Is Easy & Cost Effective…

Creating private label products may seem like an expensive and time-consuming process. But this is not the case. Once you decide on a product, Casa Maestri Distillery can help you create  your own tequila label  in three easy steps:

  1. Choosing the Tequila – Casa Maestri Distillery produces all types of Tequila, both 100% Agave and Mixed.

Our varieties include Blanco or Silver, Reposado or Aged, Añejo or Aged, Extra Añejo or Extra Aged as well as Mixed Gold and Silver.

We can arrange a special tasting where we will develop the “recipe” to create your own tequila according to your own specifications.

  1. Choosing the Package– Many sizes, colors, styles to choose from, industrial and crafted. Custom made (a mold must be designed and produced depending on the material to be utilized)

Corks can be: synthetic, screw top, wood, glass, plastic, etc.

  1. Choosing the budget – We can adapt the project at your budget


Private Label requires registrations and compliance with Government Agencies.
We can do it all for you!

 List of Compliance and Registrations:

 •Brand Registration 
(in Mexico or any country, Governmental requirement)
 •Manufacturing Contract
Registration (in Mexico, Governmental requirement)
Bottling Contract (in Mexico, Governmental requirement)
(CAE  bottling permit)
Label Approval (required  to be done  by customer,
we can teach you the process, or do it for you)
• Formula Approval (some countries require this approval…)
needs to be done by the customer)
Customer Manufacture Contract
(Between the new brand owner and producer)

  Looks difficult but is not! Let us help you!

Concept development:


Why You Should Consider Invest in Private Labeling Tequila?

Compete More Effectively
Great Investment in a Product that the Demand is Continuing Growing.
Better Value Gives You a Competitive Edge.
Create Customer Awareness & Loyalty.
Control your own Destiny.

We can create a distinctive label for your product(s), and provide the support you need to make your brand a success.

Many other products promise to have revenue; we know that your investment will have one!

The Private Label can be created for you taking in consideration the following:

a)     Market Analysis of the  area or Country that you want to sell the product

b)    Type of Tequila that you should produce

c)     Price Analysis

d)    Logistics

e)     Cost of Investment

From the first Idea to the final product, our team of professionals work closer with customers until the final product is complete. To achieve the following important points:

Develop New Ideas and products until we achieve a Great Presentation
Develop an Excellent Quality Product
Develop a Best Value for this particular presentation
Develop a Profitable investment
Achieve Satisfactory Results


Overwhelming? Contact Us Now!

Let us help you build your new or existing brand.
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