Celia V. Maestri From ‘Casa Maestri’, Continues Being The Largest Private Brand Producer Of Tequila

Casa Maestri, led by Celia V. Maestri has been contributing to the spurring growth of the Tequila industry for decades now. The Maestri’s established Destiladora del Valle de Tequila Distillery in 2008, also known as “Casa Maestri

Celia V. Maestri comes from Licores Veracruz Liquor Distillery roots from 1951 and was established by the family of Mr. Jose & Celia Villanueva family. Later in 1966, The Family of Mr. Frank & Lyn Maestri further established Frank- Lin Distillers Ltd. Inspired by was created, Casa Maestri company in 2008 soon became the top tequila producer in Jalisco, founded by Michael and Celia Maestri which is now recognized as a premier producer of tequila, thanks to the hard work and dedication of a great team directed by Celia V. Maestri.

Tequila is a big part of Mexican culture, and Celia V. Maestri is proud to revolutionize this industry through her dedication towards spirits. “My family has always been in the liquor business, and we’ve always loved tequila,” she says. “So when we had the opportunity to have a dream and make your own dream to come true, become a reality. The Maestri family have dedicated their entire lives to the production and commercialisation of premium tequilas. Throughout the Traditional process, from fine-picking agave, harvesting, cooking, shredding, fermentation and distillation, their team produces a limited batch of tequilas to bring exceptional products.

The well-crafted tequilas hail from the origins of their first generations that reflect the legacy of the family’s deep passion for the drink. All of the agaves used in the production process are sourced from the region of Tequila and the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco. The baking processes for the tequilas include both traditional ovens covered in stone masonry as well as autoclaves. The company is poised to redefine the spirits category with impeccable taste, exceptional quality and unique smoothness that is unmatched in the industry.

Celia V. Maestri and her team are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their products. “We are constantly experimenting with different agave strains and traditional production methods to create the best possible tequila,” she says.
The company has their own agave plantations but they are tied as well with numerous agave growers in the region. “Associating with suppliers is one of the biggest and prudent steps of the company.”

In addition, Celia has developed one of the most exclusive finest tequila brands, TUYO Tequila. TUYO, it is the first line of Cristalino tequilas in the world, she wished to pay tribute to the goddess of agave and tequila: the Aztec Goddess Mayahuel. Also, in honor of her husband, she co-created e of the best tequilas on the market today: Casa Maestri’s Reserva de MFM. In recognition, this brand has won many awards in the past and recently won Platinum and Double Gold at this year’s SIP Awards. Its quality is simply outstanding.

About Celia V. Maestri
Celia V. Maestri is a second-generation Mexican-American dedicated to promoting the participation of women in the spirits industry. Passionate about tequilas, she grew her family legacy into Casa Maestri, one of the fastest-growing premium tequila producers in the world and developed TUYO Cristalino Tequila, adding to the promising innovation of exclusive cristalinos. Celia’s passion and commitment was recognized by Mexico’s Former President, Enrique Peña Nieto with the National Export Award in 2018 and the Women of the Vine & Spirits global membership organization. She was also recently interviewed by Entrepreneurs Herald as one of the “Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs to Look Out for in 2022”.