Casa Maestri Reserva MFM: Tequila of the year!

We are very grateful to have closed the year 2022 with all the support and love given to our Casa Maestri Tequila. The preference is not only noticeable in shelf sales, interaction on social media and award ceremonies; something that filled us with pride is that this past year we were able to open market with our flagship brand in more than 12 countries, dozens of states in the United States and we are in concrete plans to be able to enter 8 more countries in 2023.

There is no doubt that effort and hard work always pay off, and a quality product will always find a way to position itself as a favorite in the hearts of consumers. 


Once again, thank you for a great year for Casa Maestri Tequila and may 2023 be one of growth for all of us as well.